Soil Mechanics for Pipeline Stress Analysis – 2nd Edition

The first edition was published in late 2016. Now, the second edition is available. This edition is nearly double the size of the first edition.

Written from the perspective of geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics, this text informs and assists mechanical engineers and other design professionals involved in stress analyses of buried pipelines and pipeline design in general. The text explains soil mechanics topics important to pipeline design and soil-pipeline interaction in a clear way so the pipeline designers and stress analysts can engage geotechnical engineers in a meaningful and informed way.

Geotechnical engineers will benefit from this text as it explains the differences between typical soil mechanics for foundations and soil mechanics for pipelines. Whereas the former represent high-stress conditions, the latter represent low-stress conditions, with corresponding important differences in soil strength behaviour.

This second edition is considerably expanded from the first edition. Topics include the formation of soils and soil classification, the value of geotechnical characterization for pipeline design, differences between drained (effective) strength and undrained (total) strength and when to use these different strengths, and the derivation of soil-pipe interaction soil spring constants. A wide range of soil-pipeline interaction issues are discussed, including soil strength at low stresses, earth pressures acting on an axial loaded pipeline, trench geometry, backfill properties, Delta-T effects, lateral spreading and landslide impacts, effects of ground settlement, effects of the rate of soil loading, mitigation strategies, and more.

This text will be a valuable reference for all involved in pipeline design and pipeline stress analysis.

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Sample pages from the 2nd edition are provided below.