Pipelines in Permafrost

Naviq Consulting Inc. provides specialist getoechnical engineering related to pipeline projects in permafrost terrain. Specialist engineering input includes:
• Assessment of permafrost geohazards, such as thaw settlement and frost heave,naglinktuk-photo
• Geothermal modeling, including impact of climate warming,
• Geotechnical input to limit states design (strain based design) strategies,
• Routing and permafrost terrain characterization,
• Stability of permafrost slopes.

Selected project experience:

Alaska Pipeline Project (APP), Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia: Permafrost and geotechnical engineer within the strain based design team responsible for characterization of route soils and determination of strain demand on the pipeline arising from frost heave and thaw settlement. Geotechnical coordinator for Project Management Team responsible for interaction and technical support to project engineering consultant. Responsibilities included coordination with environmental and regulator teams in Alaska and Canada, evaluation of geotechnical contractors to conduct intrusive field investigations, selection of field testing sites, documentation of permafrost disturbance and consultations with regulatory agencies.
Denali Pipeline Project, Yukon, British Columbia: Lead permafrost and geotechnical engineerslope-92 responsible for developing and executing geotechnical scopes of work to advance the initial design phases for a 48″ natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 states, passing through Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta. Work included planning field programs, undertaking liquefaction evaluations, routing input and other tasks to support the preparation of a project cost estimate.
Arctic Island LNG Scoping Review: Lead permafrost engineer reviewing legacy data and providing recommendations for new baseline studies and data gathering for a proposed natural gas pipeline and LNG export facility on a high Arctic island.
Northern Gas-to-liquids Scoping Study: Permafrost engineering consultant for a confidential study to examine permafrost issues related to the development and operation of an exothermic gas-to-liquids processing facility to be located in ice-rich permafrost terrain.
Arctic Pipeline Study: Permafrost engineering consultant for a confidential study to examine state-of-the-art thaw settlement design strategies and compile lessons learned and design strategies for the Norman Wells pipeline that could be applicable to a buried pipeline in Alaska.
Mackenzie Gas Project, NT: Responsible for the slope design of the pipeline through continuous and discontinuous permafrost. Work involves coordination of multi-disciplinary team (geothermal modelling, geotechnical engineering, GIS) to identify, catalogue slopes and develop design strategies to ensure long-term stability. Other project work included senior permafrost engineer and Project Manager for planning of geotechnical drilling program for pipeline section south of Norman Wells, and Senior Reviewer for permafrost aspects of EIA. Expert witness in National Energy Board and Joint Review Panel hearings.
Niglintgak Gas Development, Mackenzie Delta, NT: Senior permafrost engineer and Senior Review Consultant to engineering studies for proposed facilities development at gas field. Provided engineering input to field investigations, conducted on-site QC monitoring of geotechnical investigations, and provided Senior Review of geotechnical reports for various studies.
PetroChina Company Limited: Project manager and senior geotechnical engineer for review of proposed strain-based design methods for pipelines in permafrost. Purpose of the work was to review and comment on a proposed design manual to be used by PetroChina for implementing limit state (strain-based) design methods for pipelines. Topics addressed included thaw settlement and frost heave and other secondary pipe deformation causes, geothermal modeling, pipeline materials and others.
TambeyNeftigaz Export Gas Pipeline, Yamal Russia: Senior permafrost engineer and co-study lead for the routing and cost estimate for an overland 30″ gas pipeline and 10″ condensate pipeline from eastern Yamal Peninsula to a proposed northern export terminal.
Ellice Island Gas Project, NT: Senior permafrost engineer responsible for directing a data-gap analysis of geotechnical and terrain information for a proposed production facility and pipeline on Ellice Island, Mackenzie Delta, NWT.
Norman Wells Pipeline, NT: Senior project engineer with over 15 years of active involvement in geotechnical issues along this 868 km oil pipeline. Responsible for ongoing review and evaluation of thermal, piezometric and slope stability instrumentation. Conducted annual field reconnaissance and inspections, and installed monitoring points. Many of the slopes are experiencing thawing of the permafrost under the pipeline, and an assessment of the stability of the pipeline is necessary. Responsible for preparation of annual stability assessments to be submitted to the NEB.

Alaska Gas Project, NT, Yukon: Senior permafrost engineering and project manager for studies related to geotechnical aspects of a large (52″) gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Southern markets. Project review routing along Alaska Highway and Mackenzie Valley. Studies included granular and water sources, buoyancy control, winter and construction planning and schedules, and other studies.
Fairbanks Frost Heave Pipeline Test Facility: Project Manager responsible for the rehabilitation of mechanical equipment and the installation, instrumentation and commissioning of a new 105 m long full scale pipeline test section across and frozen-unfrozen interface. Project site is on Cheena Hotsprings Road, Fairbanks, Alaska.
Alaska North Slope Gas Production, Alaska: Project manager and senior engineer for permafrost design input for feasibility study of a gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Cook Inlet. Studies included frost heave and thaw settlement mitigation and pipeline monitoring techniques.
Baydaratskaya Bay Crossing, Russia: Permafrost/geotechnical engineer assigned to a multi-discipline engineering team working in The Netherlands to design two offshore 1220 mm diameter gas pipelines of about 76 kilometres in length. Organized, coordinated and reviewed geotechnical analyses and designs; organized and scoped field investigations; prepared project budgets; and attended and participated in technical meetings with Russian clients. The assignment length was one year in The Netherlands.
Norman Wells Pipeline Project Monograph: Principal author responsible for the preparation of a monograph describing the geotechnical and environmental design and performance of the Norman Wells Pipeline project. This document, over 75 pages in length, was prepared under contract to the Geological Survey of Canada.
Sakhalin Island Onshore Processing Facility and Pipeline, Russia: Senior geotechnical engineer for the assessment of geotechnical conditions at the proposed site for an on-shore facility to process oil and gas, and assessment of a pipeline route from the coastal landfall to the processing facility. Work included on site reconnaissance, drilling and in situ testing, review of Russian data, analysis of earthquake hazards, and preparation of assessment report.
Alaska North Slope Gas Project: Project Manager and Senior Permafrost Engineer for studies related to the feasibility of transporting dense-phase natural gas from Prudhoe Bay to the south coast of Alaska for export by LNG tanker. Examined pipeline monitoring technology for frost heave and thaw settlement, and development of frost heave mitigation strategies.
East Siberia – Far East Pipeline: Project Manager and Senior Permafrost Engineer for studies related to the design and construction of a 6000 km large diameter gas pipeline from Ust’Kut (Russia) to Rizhao (China). Studies have included pipe stress analysis to examine thaw settlement tolerances, planning of the geotechnical field programs, slope stability algorithms for frozen or thawing slopes, and related issues.

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