Geotechnical Engineering

Naviq Consulting Inc. provides professional engineering for a variety of geotechnical and foundation projects. These include slope stability and foundation design for structures, embankment design, and planning and management of geotechnical investigations.

Dr. Oswell was the lead geotechnical engineer for a wide variety of structures and facilities, including office towers, parkades, schools and hospitals. Key project experience includes:
• Senior geotechnical or review engineer for several important office developments in downtown Calgary, including expansion of the Bankers Hall underground parkade, and the Morguard Tower.
• Senior geotechnical engineer and co-project manager for geotechnical investigations to support FEED for the ExxonNeftigaz Sakhalin 1 development.
• Senior geotechnical engineer and advisor to legal counsel regarding a $23 million lawsuit concerning shoring wall performance and geotechnical engineering input to design.

Selected project experience:

Engine Test Facility, Moscow, Russia: Project manager for a geotechnical investigation and foundation report for proposed engine test units in a heavy equipment factory. Coordinated field work and laboratory testing, analysis of Russian CPT and laboratory data, and preparation of recommendations for piled and raft foundations.
School, Didsbury, Alberta: Project engineer responsible for field investigations, preparation of foundation report, detailing foundation alternatives and onsite foundation inspections.
Hotel Development, Canmore, Alberta: Design engineer responsible for field investigation and report preparation, including foundations and slope stability assessment. This large complex was proposed to be constructed on a slope overlooking the Town of Canmore and the Bow River Valley.
Gas Plant, Fort St. John, BC: Design engineer responsible for field investigation and report preparation for a remote gas plant in northeastern British Columbia.
Diesel Electric Generating Station, Yellowknife, NWT: Design engineer responsible for foundation investigation for a major expansion of the Jackfish Lake generating station. Project required assessment of potentially liquefiable sands, conducting cone penetration tests, and consideration of geological processes and lake bathometry.
Oilfield Waste Incineration Facility, Big Valley, Alberta: Design engineer responsible for planning and supervision of the field program, and preparation of the geotechnical report that included foundation schemes and contaminant containment systems.
Gas Compressor Project, Cochrane, Alberta: Project manager and design engineer responsible for geotechnical investigation, review of previous data, coordination of electrical resistivity studies, development of foundation parameters (including piles and shallow footings) and lateral load calculations for piles.
Bankers Hall Litigation, Calgary, Alberta: Provided technical review, guidance and advice to legal counsel for $23 million dollar litigation. Conducted detailed forensic study of problems, contributory factors and remediation. Prepared expert witnesses and reviewed testimony of all technical witnesses. Attended approximately 100 days in court.
Morguard Tower, Calgary, Alberta: Senior project engineer responsible for geotechnical aspects of foundation design and excavation shoring. Project entailed excavation to a depth approaching 15 m, with construction of a 16-floor tower.
Bankers Hall Phase II, Calgary, Alberta: Senior project engineer responsible for all geotechnical aspects of construction of a 16 m deep underground parkade and analysis of interaction between existing and proposed structures, including construction of the 40-storey West Tower.
Sakhalin Island Onshore Processing Facility and Pipeline: Senior geotechnical engineer for the assessment of geotechnical conditions at the proposed site for an on-shore facility to process oil and gas, and assessment of a pipeline route from the coastal landfall to the processing facility. Work included on site reconnaissance, drilling and in situ testing, review of Russian data, analysis of earthquake hazards, and preparation of assessment report.

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