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Naviq Consulting Inc. provides specialist geotechnical and permafrost engineering services to industry, government, and regulatory agencies. The principal consultant is Dr. Jim Oswell, P.Eng. Dr. Oswell has over 30 years of international experience in many areas of geotechnical and foundation engineering, including conducting geotechnical investigations for commericial, institutional and industrial projects, shallow and deep foundation design, ground improvement, and slope stability.

Permafrost engineering experience includes geothermal modeling to assess the impacts of construction and ground disturbance on permafrost terrain, site investigations for structures on permafrost, foundation design for structures founded in permafrost, terrain assessment for permafrost (thermal) stability, slope stability in degrading permafrost, and erosion control and mitigation in permafrost terrain.

Dr. Oswell is an expert in geotechnical engineering for pipelines, including routing and terrain assessment, soil-pipe interaction and input to pipeline stress analysis, geological hazard identification and mitigation related to pipelines, and geotechnical forensic investigations of pipeline incidents.

He has extensive expertise in permafrost engineering issues related to pipelines with project experience in northern Canada, Alaska, and Russia. This pipeline experience includes over 15 years of consultations to Enbridge Pipelines (NW) Inc. for the Norman Wells oil pipeline, and as a senior permafrost engineer and advisor on the design of the Mackenzie Gas Project (MGP), the Alaska Pipeline Project (APP) and the Alaska LNG pipeline. For the MGP, he participated in both the Joint Review Panel and National Energy Board public hearing processes. For the Alaska LNG project he made presentations to the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Dr. Oswell was a senior geotechnical advisor for numerous large diameter natural gas pipelines proposed for LNG export in British Columbia. These pipeline projects include Prince Rupert Gas Transmission, Coastal Gas Link, Aurora natural gas pipeline, and Pacific Trails pipeline project.

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